Welcome to Newpoint Pensacola

Newpoint Pensacola Academy and High School provides a unique environment, which emphasizes high academic achievement using state of the art technology and innovative but proven educational methods.  We prepare students to successfully compete in an increasingly competitive post-secondary environment and the global job market. 

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, first created these dynamic online tools in 1997.  Now, over 4,000 school districts are using these tools.  With Apex Learning, students are encouraged to explore further and think critically. Apex provides students with a rich, in-depth learning experience using video, animation, audio, and interactivity to raise student achievement.  Additionally, built-in assessments allow students to gauge their progress and move ahead at their own pace. 

Newpoint Pensacola Academy and High School provides students with a college preparatory education and real world experience through its unique Professional Internship “work-study” program.  This program provides partial college scholarships to all qualifying students and exposes the student to a “real-world” work environment that broadens their horizons and encourages them to set high goals for themselves.